Starbucks Dress Code

What is the Dress Code at Starbucks?

The dress code for Starbucks has changed over the last 18 months. Employees are now allowed to be a bit more expressive with their shirts, but they must stay in the realm of neutral colors. Browns, black, grey, and dark blues are welcomed. Dark dress pants or dark jeans are also acceptable part of dress. Employees are welcomed to be expressive with hair, body art, and body jewelry within reason. Starbucks is well known for being respectful of those with tattoos and unnatural hair colors. They do so but within reason. Tattoos should not be on the face or neck! Visible tattoos elsewhere are acceptable and should not be offensive in nature (ie nudity, foul language, images of violence). Unnatural hair colors should always be semi-permanent or permanent and they require you to avoid glitter in the hair since it falls out so easily.

Dress Code for Starbucks Employees

Shirts can be polo, collared button down, or blouses of a neutral color. Green aprons will be provided and employees are responsible for keeping the apron in good condition. Hair can be as stylish as you want. Long hair must be kept pulled back for safety and health reasons. They do ask that you refrain from temporary hair colors and glitter for health reasons. Pants, shorts, skirts, dresses, and jeans should all be in a dark color with minimal designs. Nothing impractical for the workday and avoid ripped clothing. Shoes should be black, brown, or grey and sensible to the environment. Closed toe sneakers, boots, or clogs are appropriate. Avoid sandals, heels, or crocs. Hats can be incorporated into your dress! You can choose from; fedora, trilby, bowler, baseball cap (no graphics and solid color), Starbucks logo hat or visor, flat cap, or newsboy. Jewelry is acceptable but should not interfere with your ability to work or get caught in machinery. Facial hair should be kept neat and trim to stay in line with health regulations.

Dress Code for Starbucks Managers

Managers have the same dress code but are not required to wear the apron when not working behind the counter. If a manager is helping behind the counter, they must wear the apron! Managers may be required to wear suits for business professional meetings with higher ups. Whenever the dress code for the manager changes, the manager will be notified and can ask their supervisor for clarification.

Does my Starbucks Require a Dress Code?

Yes, all Starbucks locations are requiring compliance with the dress code. It does not matter if it’s a freestanding store, grocery store kiosk, or Barnes & Noble center. You will find a dress code at all locations. The dress code could sway just a little bit from the look book that Starbucks provides. It should be in line with the idea of allowing employees to be more expressive without dismissing the code completely.

What is the Official Dress Code Policy of the Starbucks Company?

The official dress code policy is considered to be business casual. Apron, casual pants (or dark jeans), neutral colored polo or collared shirt, and a neutral conservative shoe are all required. You are free to dress it up or down as you see fit as long as it’s within the neutral coloring and safety of self while working. Facial hair is acceptable but must be kept trim and neat. Tattoos, body jewelry, and unnatural hair colors are acceptable in the Starbucks company unlike other companies. This is one example of how business casual can differ between industries and companies.

How Many Employees Does Starbucks Have?

As of 2016, Starbucks employed 238,000 in about 26,000 locations. This includes their subsidiaries; Ethos Water, Evolution Fresh, Hear Music, La Boulange Bakery, Seattle’s Best Coffee, Tazo, Teavanna, and Torrefazione Italia. Dress codes in this guide are for the USA locations only. Starbucks is in over 75 markets and their dress codes overseas will reflect the local culture and societal rules.

Is Starbucks a Business Casual Dress Code?

Yes. They don’t follow the standard rule for casual dress, but they are considered business casual. The difference is the lack of sports coats, blazers, colorful blouses and polos, and very specific shoe choices. They also have loose rules regarding unnatural hair color, tattoos, and body jewelry. Business casual is defined within each industry and each company so it’s not unusual to see some differences across the US. Whenever you are in doubt, you can always ask the manager for clarification on the dress code!

Starbucks Dress Code Ideas for Women

Tops should be of a neutral color; black, dark blue, browns, or greys. You can opt for patterns as long as they are small, tight, and subdued. Sleeves can be long to a three-quarter length, nothing shorter. You can wear trousers or jeans as long as they are dark and in the neutral spectrum. As an added benefit, you can opt for skirts or dresses that are knee length and don’t restrict your ability to fulfill duties. They also should be in the neutral color spectrum. Shoes should be conservative and covering of your foot to protect you. Avoid heels and sandals! Black, brown, or grey shoes are appropriate. You do have the ability to wear unnatural hair, sport tattoos, and wear jewelry. However, be careful when it comes to safety issues. Avoiding bracelets would be a good idea and keeping your earrings on the small side keep you safe.

Does Starbucks Have a Dress Code Policy for Customers?

Not necessarily. Health standards require that they refuse to serve customers who are not wearing shirts or shoes. Outside of that, their customers are free to wear what they want. Some managers have taken to take a stand in regards to certain types of clothing worn by customers. Gang colors, offensive language on tee shirts, and anything depicting violence have resulted in people being asked to leave the store. Fortunately, Starbucks allows for managers to make those decisions and stands behind them as long as they are not being discriminatory or oppressive.