Walmart Dress Code

What is the Dress Code at Walmart?

Walmart requires employees to wear a uniform but there is flexibility for the individual. Pants in black or khaki, blue or white collared shirts, vests on the sales floor, slip resistant closed toe shoes, badge, and ties are optional. Badge and vest are provided to employees, but the remaining attire must be acquired on their own. Shoppers are required by law to wear shirt and shoes or be denied service. It is also advised to avoid wearing controversial clothing when working or shopping at the store. Some departments do have different requirements and it is best to ask the departmental manager if your attire is appropriate.

Regarding dyed hair, tattoos, and piercings; it does not appear that there is a specific policy in the dress code set by corporate. It does appear that management has the discretion to impose their own policies regarding hair, piercings, and tattoos. There are many posts about some employees being required to remove lip piercings or dye their blue hair a “normal” color. Others post that their management has been supportive of the employees expressing themselves how they see fit. We suspect that this is largely due to the local cultures and management is doing what it can to appeal to those in the area.

Dress Code for Walmart Employees

Employees are required to wear black or khaki pants, blue/white collared or polo shirts, vests on the sales floor, closed toe shoes, and badge. Ties can be incorporated into the outfit but are not required. Vests and badge are provided by the company. Denim shorts or jeans are permitted for cart pushers only. Remaining pieces of attire must be purchased by the employee on their own time. It is not required to buy those items at Walmart. If you do choose to purchase your attire at Walmart, be sure to get your employee discount card that saves you an additional 10%.

Jewelry and makeup should be kept minimal and based on your position. We advise avoiding any dangling jewelry if you are unloading trucks or stocking the shelves. It poses a safety hazard and it’s better to be safe than sorry. Makeup is flexible in the stores but do consider your position. A full face of makeup while cooking in the deli is not advisable. The heat rises and causes makeup to slough off the face and can wreak havoc on your face. A full face of makeup at the main cash registers can certainly be acceptable. When in doubt, ask the management!

Dress Code for Walmart Managers

Management follows the business casual dress code. Black or tan slacks, blue or white button-down shirt, black dress shoes, and ties. Polos in blue or white are also allowed. Pinstripes in the shirt or dress pant are also acceptable. Department managers are supposed to wear vests as well, but the rest of management does not. Management also receives the discount card and can use it to obtain the attire they need. Obtaining items for the dress code is not required to be purchased at the store.

Does my Walmart Require a Dress Code?

Yes, all Walmart locations must adhere to the same dress code. It is possible to find some slight variations at certain locations, but the core of your attire must follow the dress code. Employees can choose from black or khaki pants, blue or white collared shirt, slip resistant closed toe shoes, and ties are optional. Vests and badges are required and provided by the company. Management must wear black or tan slacks, blue or white button-down shirt, black dress shoes, and ties. Polos in blue or white and pinstripes in shirts or slacks are permitted as well. Policies regarding facial piercings, tattoos, and fun hair colors are set by the local management. Always ask what the policies are so that you fully understand them.

What is the Official Dress Code Policy of the Walmart Company?

Walmart has not made their official dress code policy available to the general public. We spoke with several managers and someone at the corporate office to try and obtain the official wording and were denied. We continued researching and using information from current and ex-employees. If you have any questions regarding the type of dress required, it is best to confirm the information with a store manager or whoever interviews you. The dress code is currently black pants or khakis, blue or white polo/button-down shirt, vest, closed toe shoes, and badge for shift employees. Management must adhere to the business casual look; black or tan slacks, blue or white button-down shirt, black dress shoes, and ties.

It has been difficult to obtain legitimate information regarding hair, facial jewelry, and tattoos. Always ask for clarification on what is permissible so that you can adhere to the policy without any problems.

How Many Employees Does Walmart Have?

Walmart has a total of 2.3 million employees, of which 1.4 million are in the United States. This is due to the fact that they have 6,306 stores, of which 4,574 are in the United States. This does not include their Sam’s stores and employees, a subsidiary of the corporation. Considering that the company plans on opening 280 stores in 2018 and the same in 2019, we will see a significant rise in employed persons. The company operates in 28 countries including; Canada, Mexico, Chile, Brazil, Argentina, United Kingdom, Nigeria, China, Kenya, Tanzania, Ghana, Uganda, Zambia, Malawi, Mozambique, Botswana, Namibia, South Africa, India, and Japan. No word yet on where the 280 stores will be opening up!

Is Walmart a Business Casual Dress Code?

It is for the management team. Even with the slight flexibility in their attire, it still adheres to business casual dress code. Staff can choose to wear business casual but are not obligated to and have a wider choice of attire. Business casual is often described as black pants and shoes, white button down or polo, and ties are optional.

Walmart Dress Code Ideas for Women

Women should opt for dress pants in black or tan. Paired with a nice blue button-down shirt and black dress shoes. Jewelry and makeup kept at a minimum and complimentary. There are no mentions of hair requirements, but we do suggest tying it back if you are assisting with stocking or unloading of trucks. Keeping a hair band on hand is helpful if you prefer to keep it down and then find your temperature rising halfway through the day.  Some departments have different requirements and it is best to speak with your department manager to get clarification on the appropriate attire for your job.

Does Walmart Have a Dress Code Policy for Customers?

No. There are laws that require customers to have shirt and shoes on but there is no official dress code in order to shop at the store. However, it is quite possible that a store will impose its own rules if they have seen a rise in problems because of the attire. We took time to research if any Walmart had removed customers for wearing clothing deemed offensive, and we could not find any. We do advise avoiding any clothing that would be considered inflammatory or controversial so that you can have a positive shopping experience.